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  • "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"
  • "always Kiss Me Goodnight"
    SKU: 049-33149

    "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"
     Textured brown/rust finish on metal sign. Great for any bedroom or bath décor. Measures: 3 3/4" T. x 24 1/2" L. x1/8" D.

  • $22.52

  • "Lord Hear My Prayer" Faith Collection
  • "lord Hear My Prayer" Faith Collection
    SKU: 0126-903

    "Lord Hear My Prayer" Faith Collection
    Measures: Resin photo frame. The Faith Collection ceramic 4" X 4" picture frame with Cross and the continuous "LORD HEAR MY PRAYER" Great for any home or office. Overall measures 8.5" W x 5.5"H x .75"D. Can mount on wall or sit on a table.

  • $22.52

  • "When Pigs Can Fly" Plaque
  • "when Pigs Can Fly" Plaque
    SKU: 0184S-0856

    "When Pigs Can Fly" Plaque
    Measures: Cast iron rust colored comical wall plaque. Measures 7.75"W x 7.25"H x .25"D.

  • $23.87

  • American Heroes USA Dept. Of Air Force
  • American Heroes Usa Dept. Of Air Force
    SKU: 0126-2091302

    American Heroes USA Dept. Of Air Force
    Measures: American Heros Desk Caddy. USA Dept of the Air Force. Great addition for any office decor for the Air Force Veteran or active Air Force. Measures: 6 1/2" W. X 4" H. X 3 3/4" D.

  • $29.27

  • Apple Shelf With Hooks
  • Apple Shelf With Hooks
    SKU: 049-10832

    Wooden Apple Shelf With three wooden hooks. Measures 19"W x 7.5"H x 3.75"D.

  • $55.09

  • Bears Basketball Photo Frame
  • Bears Basketball Photo Frame
    SKU: 0176-4417SW

    Bears Basketball Photo Frame - Perfect gift for the basketball fans in your life! Realistic basketball texture with easel back. MSU Bears logo. Stone resin. Measures 7" diameter.

  • $15.71

  • Blue Puppy's First Photo Frame
  • Blue Puppy's First Photo Frame
    SKU: 0199-96405

    Blue Puppy's First Photo Frame - Perfect for displaying your adorable puppy's photo! Photo opening is 3.5" x 4.5". Ceramic. Easel back. Measures 6.25" x 5.25" x 3".

  • $21.32

  • Bobcat 3-D picture REDUCED
  • Bobcat 3-d Picture Reduced
    SKU: 0126-3D2893

    Large 3D Picture with wooden frame. These have been reduced because at a certain angle there is slight flaw in the picture.  Measures 25.75"W x 17.75"H

  • $33.24

  • Cast Iron Numbers Set of 10
  • Cast Iron Numbers Set Of 10
    SKU: 0184J-0558

    Cast Iron Numbers 0-9, this is a full set of 10 numbers.
    Measures: Cast iron numbers. Measures 4 5/8"H x 1/8" D. For width you can check each number.

  • $43.44

  • Chocolate Plaque, Everytime
  • Chocolate Plaque, Everytime
    SKU: 049-10581

    Wooden Plaque says, Everytime I hear the dirty word Exercise I Wash My Mouth Out With Chocolate. 12"W x 16"H x 1"D.

  • $36.81

  • Chocolate Wall Signs Set of 4
  • Chocolate Wall Signs Set Of 4
    SKU: 049-30469

    Wooden comical wall plaques 4 quotes include; "A balanced diet is… A chocolate in each hand", "Nine out of ten people like chocolate, the tenth person always lies", "Money talks but chocolate sings", and "My soul's had enough chicken soup, now it wants chocolate".  Inner pack has 3 sets.  Cas...

  • $28.41

  • Coffee # 1 Rule Sign
  • Coffee # 1 Rule Sign
    SKU: 049-10574

    Coffee # 1 Rule Sign
    Measures: Wooden coffee sign is a must for coffee lovers. Measures 11 3/4"W x 8 1/2"H x 3/8"D.

  • $26.37

  • Cowboy Belt Frame
  • Cowboy Belt Frame
    SKU: 0193-181764

    Cowboy Belt Frame - Holds 5 x7 photo. Made of resin and glass. Measures 6 5/8" x 2 1/8" x 7 3/4".

  • $37.55

  • Fireman Cast Iron Wall Plaque
  • Fireman Cast Iron Wall Plaque
    SKU: 0170S-05207

    Fireman Wall Plaque - Cast Iron
    This cast iron fireman wall plaque measures 8.75" high and 7.75" wide.

  • $28.82

  • Frog Garden Sign Joy
  • Frog Garden Sign Joy
    SKU: 049-56080

    Frog Garden Joy Sign is a attractive addition to the garden, flower bed or with the patio plants. Made of stone resin and measures 6"H x 8"W x 3.5"D.

  • $31.40

  • Funny Farm Wall Bird Feeder
  • Funny Farm Wall Bird Feeder
    SKU: 0179-4840

    Funny Farm Wall Bird Feeder - Great color and detail! Resin. Measures 12" x 8.5" x 3". Color gift box.

  • $25.95

  • Funny Farm Wall Plaque
  • Funny Farm Wall Plaque
    SKU: 0179-2608

    Funny Farm Wall Plaque - Great color and detail welcomes your guests! Resin. Measures 13.25" x 9.5" x 0.25". Color gift box.

  • $26.27

  • Large Deer Camp Sign
  • Large Deer Camp Sign
    SKU: 049-13084

    Wooden base with decal face and the metal Deer Camp sign wired on, measures 11 3/4"W x 23 5/8"H x 1"D.

  • $48.68

  • Lighthouse Wall Plaque Wood & Canvas
  • Lighthouse Wall Plaque Wood & Canvas
    SKU: 049-28285

    Lighthouse Wall Plaque Wood & Canvas - This is a real stretched canvas on wood of a lighthouse with a bible verse Psalm 119:105 "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path". Aged look, measures 12" x 12"

  • $39.55

  • Metal Coffee Sign
  • Metal Coffee Sign
    SKU: 049-13789

    Metal Coffee Sign
    Measures: Metal Keep Calm and make Coffee sign with rolled edges and 8 jewels for bling, has 2 hangers on each side at the top. Measures 9.5"W x 12.5"H x .25"D.

  • $26.37

  • Parrot 3-D Picture REDUCED
  • Parrot 3-d Picture Reduced
    SKU: 0126-3D2904

    Large 3D Picture with wooden frame. These have been reduced because at a certain angle there is a slight flaw in the picture. Measures 25.75"W x 17.75"H

  • $33.24


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